Sunday, April 6, 2008

Perfectly Imperfect

Ever wonder what it would take to look like this? Typically when we see a beautiful girl on a magazine or on a billboard, we want to be like her and look like her. But this so called beauty isn't even real. Anyone can look “beautiful” if a number of hours is spent on doing their hair and makeup and then they are digitally enhanced/airbrushed. This type of beauty is unattainable, it's not realistic at all. But, girls and woman all over are still trying to look like the girls on the magazines. One of my major concerns is that the media is influencing all women to believe that they aren't beautiful. It seems that all women and girls are being pressured to be “perfect” but girls should be able to be who they want to be without having the pressure of not being good enough for everyone. For way too long beauty has been defined by stereotypes and I think there should be a change.

Why is everyone believing the media's perception of beauty? I found in an article, “there were no less than one hundred and twenty-seven full page advertisements in the November 2005 edition of Glamour Magazine. For every five pages within the magazine, two and a half of them are advertisements, almost all of the current female celebrities and models in the advertisements were extremely thin, and in some cases, starved figures and much of the available literature applauds their `beauty`.”

The media even influences children's perception of beauty in cartoons and movies. For example, Disney movies like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast, the main female character is always tall, thin and beautiful. Beauty pressures are everywhere! As stated in the video “no wonder people's perception of beauty is distorted.” It's so unbelievably true. A survey was conducted by London Guildhall University of 11,000 people showed that (subjectively) good-looking people earn more. Less attractive people earned, on average, 13% less than more attractive people, while the penalty for overweight was around 5%. Why are people being judged by how physically attractive they are instead of what's on the inside? Beauty shouldn't be based on how tall or thin a person is, or what colour their hair is, or how flawless their face looks. Beauty is skin deep.

I love that Dove is having a campaign for beauty. It's so perfect because they are trying to convince people that they are beautiful no matter what they look like. It's all about inner beauty, which I think we all need to realize, we are all beautiful inside and out. Dove is trying to change the stereotypes of beauty and their campaign is already making a difference. Here is the website all about Dove's new campaign for beauty.

I think that girls and women should all just appreciate themselves for the positive impact they have in the lives of people they love. In my opinion, people should value themselves and others based on the way they treat and interact with people, instead of how they look on the outside. People shouldn't try to change themselves to fit other people's standards of beauty, they should just love themselves the way they are. They should celebrate what they have and not put themselves down about what they don't have. "Imperfection is beauty; madness is genius. and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." -- Marilyn Monroe.

What I have learned since I wrote this blog:

I learned that the Dove Beauty Campaign isn't as great as I thought. I found out that they are airbrushing women to look "more real", so they are being complete hypocrites because they are saying that this campaign id about "real" beauty, but the women are still being airbrushed!
Here is an article I found all about it:

Also take a look at this:

I was very disappointed to hear this because I actually thought Dove was campaigning for real beauty but they are just as bad as the people who photo shop girls to make them look "beautiful."


Kayce said...

This subject is touchy, because again, people know whether or not to be influenced by other people. People know that all the photos in the magazines a extremely touched up and air brushed, the magazines even say that, so it's rediculous if people are looking to get those results. Of course everyone's going to want to look like that image though, it's gorgeous! I sure would, perfect skin, perfect hair, everything. But I know it won't happen, and so does everyone else. Magazine photos are just another form of art, it's photography, and just the fact that it's well understood that those photos aren't all real, doesn't make up an excuse for people to blame that magazines are being poor influences. In todays day there are so many different types of magazines, that show different photos, different subjects about people, not all photos are as "perfect" as others. And really, the beauty has to be seen by someone, it can't just be called beautiful because not everyone sees it that way. But the point where people need to celebrate what they have, does need to occur more often, but that goes a lot further than just appearance, feeling comfortable with yourself has a lot more to do with your "beliefs/feelings", for some people appreciating things doesn't come as easy as it does for others. And beauty isn't what everyone sees, it's what someone personally feels is beautiful, it's different for everyone.

- Kayce

Mr. A. Puley said...

One thing that everyone needs to realize is that "the magazines {do not] even say that"! Magazine do not, and are not obliged to tell you when they doctor a photo. Look at this doctored photo of Faith Hill ( Isn't Faith Hill an attractive woman? Why did the editors of Redbook feel that it was necessary to doctor her photos and make her look totally unnatural? There was NO MENTION in the magazine that editing had been done and Faith Hill was not consulted. It was Bloogers (like you) that exposed this fraud, and it is important that people are made aware that what they see as "real" may, in fact, be created and / or fake.

How can you appreciate beauty if it is not real? Who has the right to make that decision? What about Faith? How do you think she feels knowing that someone believed that she wasn't pretty as is and needed to be "fixed"? How would you feel? The popularity of plastic surgery indicates that people are unhappy with their natural selves. You don't think that media plays a large part in this? Look at the numbers and stats - they paint a very different picture!

Mr. A. Puley said...

Prepare to be blown away.......

Click Here for Some Serious Britney Photo Manipulation Action!

NOTHING is as it seems!

tanya o said...

Everyone obviously wants to be perfect. I know i would, but magazines these days are not going to put a celebrity with uneven skin complexion,or ugly hair, there going to fix her up with makeup and airbrush. Like Kayce said, people know that when they look in magazines that those models don't look that beautiful in real life. They probably struggle everyday knowing that their not themselves. But its the real world, everyones going out to get plastic surgery, and if you have money, why not? Its just knowing that what you have is part of your life and its you.

Sonya!AtTheDisco said...

i think beauty is undefinable because everyone has a diffrent perception of beauty. Some people want to be super skinny to be beautiful, some want to be made up of plastic to be beautiful. I think that is what makes us unique even if everyone doesn't agree.

mal =) said...

I agree with Kacey actually.
I do realize that some look at those pictures and want to look like it but why?! There has to be a reason why they think that is beautiful. To one person, they may see an enhanced picture of say..britney spears like the photos above and think she is attractive when others may look at it and think she is still hideous with enhancement. It all depends on what your thoughts of beauty are.No one has the same perception of beauty.

It is really sad that some people believe their physical feautures need to be altered to look beautiful. I personally belive plastic surgery is a waste of life space.
Here's a depressing fact-- Since studies started in 1997, it shows that by 2007, there was a 457% increase on the amount of people who get plastic surgery.
Women get 91% of cosmetic procedures.
Is it in fact the media showing these woman that they need to change how they look or is it the people around them?? Id say both.
These people must have some low self confidence if they let media and other people influence the way they feel.

The dove ads are an excellant start to improving how people feel about themselves, there should be more things like that out there.

Kayce said...

If you watch television even, they explain to you on numerous accounts what goes on when creating a magazine and the photographs in it. Even if you watch T.V. show's they explain it, even in The Hills, at Teen Vogue, they've talked about touching up the photos before, I mean if people still don't understand how the "magazine business" works, then they obviously don't listen to people. People have been told since day one, how the photo's are made, so again, it's rediculous for people to want to be just like that, when they know it's been touched up.

briar. said...

"Some have even been known to faint on the set from lack of food." This quote i got from the site above is saying that women are trying to loose wieght, to look as skinny as those photoshoped women in the magazines.

i undertsand kayces comment, most people do kno that thesephotos arent real but they continue to try to look like them becausre they are "beautiful". Also younger girls dont understand the photos or disney characters arent what people rly look like.

mal =) said...

source to the statistics
"American Aesthetic Company" unknown. April 11/2008.Plastic Surgery.

чℓℓzล said...

Isn’t beauty what’s in the inside and not the out... i think its ridiculous how people try to be soo plastic, you know your never going to look like the people in the magazines because they’re not real so why even try, I think this dove campaign is amazing they should have more of these to really catch the attention of people and to make them believe that they are beautiful no matter what the magazine says you should look like, what hair colour is in,etc

Kayce said...

Beauty is on the inside as well as the out. Beauty is never just judged on the inside, that just fact, it's reality. Just like if you were to go and date someone, yeah they have to have a great personality but you also have to be attracted to them to. It's different with everyone, beauty varies between every individual. And what Tanya O was saying, is yeah if you have the money to get something "more perfected" why not? Beauty is also about being comfortable with yourself and loving what you have, and with todays science if you're able to improve on certain characters, then why not. You only live one, it's better to be more comfortable with how you look rather than always wishing you looked differently.

Anonymous said...

I agree that beauty is on the inside, but the media has made this celebs beautiful and now we all wanna be like them, causing eater disorders and addiction to plastic surgury.
I still beleive that if you walk into Jessica Alba's house at 3am, she won't look as she does made up. Because she doesn't HAVE to. she can be her natural self.
People feel pressured into putting makeup on and making your hair look perfect. It's all unnatural.

tanja said...

iduno.. personally i tend to look at things really simply

in anthro class we learned that when we see an attractive person parts of our brain light up, i guess the signs on attraction,

obviously, if you are attracted to somoene you're going to be a little nicer to them, give them a little more of a reward.. it's just the way we are

sure, we're civilized but take away everything and we're just animals.

if society didn;t teach us that judging by beauty is wrong, then we wouldnt give a shit about any of this "the inside is what counts" (even though i think it does! dont get me wrong haha)

and beauty in magazines, the reason why it's airbrushed so much is because thats what we wanna see, we wanna see beautiful people. how many times have we watched americans next top model, and hope the ugly girl gets out cause 'shes too ugly to be a model" and then we go and defend out actions saying that they touchup the photos, this that. well isnt that what we want? sure, it definitely causes so many confidence issues, but instead of telling these companies they cant advertise to us usiing attractive people, which im pretty sure all guys and girls like to see, we should try ensuring self confidence with teens. once you're comfortable in your own skin, you'll feel better about yourself and feel attractive.

Sonya!AtTheDisco said...

i think people try to be different and not themselves because they are one step closer to lookin like the girl in the magazines. theres a reason shes there sell junk..
basically people want to be the person on the magazine so they could have more attention..

Other side of the coin could be that maybe they feel insecure, even they shouldnt. That could be why they go under the knife thinking they will look better and end up more not-insecure =P

Brandon said...

Another negative topic about media. This is all making media look evil. I agree with Sonya. I highly doubt that magazine people would want to look good if they were alone. If nobody's around then why care about how you look? What's worse is exactly what Kelsey has said. People in magazines don't even appear the way they really are. It's impossible to try to look like something that doesn't even exist.

I can't believe that less attractive people earn less. Beauty is pointless in my opinion, but others focus too heavily on it. 13% over a long period will add up to a lot of money lost. The people that look attractive and get paid more did nothing to get that extra amount of cash. They don't deserve it.

People go to ridiculous trouble to try to look like people in magazines. Some people are even willing to hurt themselves. It's a massive problem caused by media that needs to be addressed soon!

чℓℓzล said...

“Studies show attractive students get more attention and higher evaluations from their teachers, good-looking patients get more personalized care from their doctors, and handsome criminals receive lighter sentences than less attractive convicts.” This is what our world has come to … LOOKS! I never realized how much looks mattered I thought it was just to look pretty but they have a lot of impact on the jobs we are going to get, how much money we are going to earn, and what kind of life we are going to live … here is an article that really surprised me because I didn’t think this stuff even existed……

]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...

I like how Brandon said, “It's impossible to try to look like something that doesn't even exist.” Of course, that's totally true. But the funny thing is that we appreciate beauty that's not even real. And I think that the media really is to blame for that. Many of us do know that the images we see in magazines, billboards, etc. are not 100% real, like Kayce said, but not everyone knows that, especially younger kids, like Briar said. Even for those of us who do know that these images out there aren't real, many of us don't think about that when we see enhanced images of people & celebrities in magazines. Without really knowing what these people actually look like, usually we have nothing else to believe but that their photos in magazines, etc. do depict their real selves.

A lot of people in this blog have said that everyone has a different view of beauty and it's undefinable. That IS true, BUT only to a certain extent. Media definitely seems to set the standard of beauty, especially nowadays when we idolize celebrities so much. What the media depicts as “beautiful” is pretty close to what our image of beauty has come to be. We constantly see commercials for anti-wrinkling products, weight losing products and programs, etc. Also, we don't often see wrinkled or overweight people in fashion magazines and billboards. Then, look at our opinions. How many of us think that wrinkles are totally beautiful or being overweight is attractive? Well, most of us don't, so that just proves how the media has pretty much told us what beauty is and because we're all surrounded by the same types of media, our perceptions of beauty are pretty much the same. For example the # of people with eating disorders has been on the rise, especially among girls, which are often the target of fashion magazines, etc. that show girls as being thin. “Today, 8 million Americans suffer from eating disorders; approximately 90 percent of them are young women.... And a growing number of younger children are suffering from an eating disorder.”

The French government has taken some steps to try to do something about that. Read this to find out more:

tanja said...

i feel like the media is being attacked for delivering what we WANT to see. :S

we set out own standards, and then the media acts out on that. the media is delivering what we ordered, a flawless sense of surroundings and that includes people.

eating disorders dont come off of media.. theres no emotional connection, usually eating disorders start with people who are already SO close to perfection that they go over the edge.

and we all argue here acting like angels, when people who go as far as eating disorders do so because they're RIDICULED AND ISOLATED by the people who they loive with, go to school with, etc

media isnt the only thing to blame.. do you know how many parents force eating disorders upon their own children...

ugh i wish i could find the article
it was in teen vogue a couple years ago .. i think i wa sin grade 8
and it basically just summed up everything i said. it was an amazing article tho.. got down to the REAL cause

blaming the media is the only other option to blaming ourselves. and we are the ones to blame

Anonymous said...

I agree with Yeeza, everything is about looks. If your not skiny, your over weight, which makes you not beautiful, if your hairs messed up and you don't have make up on, your natural, but it's ugly.
People are getting very shallow

]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...
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]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...
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]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...

About Tanja's comment, "we set out own standards, and then the media acts out on that"...i disagree with that...when you look at wat ppl wear everyday..they don't totally come up with the entire idea. Fashion magazines, etc. introduce the new fashion and then ppl start wearing them. Of course ppl design the fashions first..but ppl don't start wearing them just because they automatically liked it(some ppl might).. but for lots of ppl, seeing something in a magazine billboard, w/e, sets the standard for "cool"

Also, it's true that "media isnt the ONLY thing to blame" for eating disorders, but it is ONE of them.

And it might be true that our society might not love to look at ppl with lots of flaws but "what we ordered" was not FAKE ppl...there's lots of good-looking ppl out there... and sure put makeup on them and make their hair look all good...but they don't have to be photoshopped so that they can't even be real humans anymore

jessica12312 said...

I have a few comments about what people have posted. No one in particular persay, just the general issues everyone has been discussing.

First, I think some people need to be careful about what they asume others know or understand about manipulation in the media. "Everyone knows that magazine images are airbrushed." "Everyone knows that these images arn't real." Not nessesarily, and I don't believe we are the ones who are most easily influenced or affected. Children may not nessesarily understand the concept of false beauty and photo maniplation like we do. To children, those men and women in the magazines are as real to them as their friends and their family. To them, this is what they look like in reality. Young boys and girls are exposed to all the same advertisements, magazines and tv shows that we are, and many of us know how easiy children are manipulated into believing things whether they hear it, read it or see it. You can't expect them to understand the difference between real beauty and this false beauty if all they see in magazines are airbrushed women, the perky, flawless dolls that they play with everyday and these Disney characters that parents allow them to watch. Nowhere in magazines or on Barbie packages do they state, "This doll does not represent reality or true beauty." "This model is photoshopped and airbrushed and is not real." Children will be the ones who grow up to be, as Yllza said, the doctors who provides better care to "beautiful" patients, the judges who give lighter sentences to "beautiful" criminals and the teachers who favor the "beautiful" students if their true role models, real people, do not teach or show them otherwise. We must not allow children to fall into these false beauty traps that the media and major companies set up for us.

Secondly, everyone seems pretty passionate about their opinions and views on this topic which is great and I agree with what many of you have said, but what I don't understand is that some of you don't "practice what you preech", including myself. Everyone says they understand that magazine images are fake, and that they think people who try to look like false beauties are "rediculous", yet we still strive to be them. I bet many of you at one point, when looking for a new haircut, will look to the magazines. You buy clothes from the magazines. Look around at school. Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropostale...or RocaWear, Applebottem etc. etc. So many people have the same look, the same clothes, the same haircuts. And I'm sure many people, whether they want to admit it or not, if they could, whould change something about the way they look to further achieve beauty. And yet we all talk about how beauty is so overrated. I don't agree with Sonya. Tell me if I'm wrong but seems to me that a large group of people have the same perception of beauty. And i believe people are made to believe this perception from the media, even if we don't want to believe it, we do. We are being robbed of our own opinions about what is beautiful, we are being told and we believe it. Doesn't that make us like children too? Do we really understand?

tanja said...

the way i see it.. humans(mostly women at first, but now men too) have been striving for perfection for hundreds of years..

lets look back into history,
during the 16th to 18th centuries, corsets were being used by EVERY woman because having a 20inch waist was a sign of beauty

then look back into the history of makeup. "The earliest historical record of makeup comes from the 1st Dynasty of Egypt (c.3100-2907 BC). " (French)

so. trying to be more beautiful is NOTHING NEW. of course, now that we can use media to show images of people who are "perfect" all hell breaks loose and we blame everytihg on the media.

i think i came off a little too strong earlier.. obviosuly media plays a role in this
"While the appearance of waif-like models in the media may send a dangerous message about eating disorders, general fitness and fashion magazines and television shows with thin characters also play a key role in influencing irregular eating patterns of young women, says Kristen Harrison, assistant professor of communication studies. " (DeGroat)

but, i still stand by my belief that we are more to blame. of course, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but we all have the same guidelines.. fit, thin, pretty/handsome/ etc...
of course there can be some differences of opinions when it comes to this, but still we all have the same ideas.

nobody is going to think sopmeone who isnt exactly fit, a little ovrwight is beautiful because striving to be thin has been around for CENTURIES, and the models who are 90 pds are no different then the 20" wasited corsets aimed to women back in the 18th centruy.

]ΛvΛЯіччΛ said...

Tanja's totally right about how "trying to be more beautiful is NOTHING NEW." Our unrealistic standards of beauty aren't a new trend. Last semester in fashion class, we learned that even in the olden days when there wasn't much media, ppl went to great lengths to look beautiful according to the standards at that time. For example, in the 16th century, like Tanja said, a very thin waist was considered to be beautiful and to attain that, women would use a metal cage called a “stomacher” to constrict their waste. At another point, looking really pale was in, so people put leaches on themselves to suck out blood and that made them look pale. These are pretty drastic measures.

However, these were attainable standards of beauty (not that i'm saying that they were good or normal); not healthy but still attainable, sort of like being skinny, etc. However, many of the enhancements made in photoshop that we see everywhere nowadays aren't real at all, so they're not attainable. In that way it's an issue.

briar. said...

Most girls and women put on makeup in the morning, do their hair so they look “good”. Some will dye their hair in order to follow trends or just want a change. Some will use anti-wrinkle creams cellulite creams all to look good. And then there are others who “go under the knife”, meaning plastic surgery. The stats on plastic surgery, which mal posted, were insane! I never thought so many people would go to such an extreme to look pretty, or what is thought to be pretty. And to Kayce and Tanya, people getting plastic surgery are already uncomfortable with themselves what makes you think that these people enhancing some part of their body will make them feel any better?

Javaryias comment, And it might be true that our society might not love to look at ppl with lots of flaws but "what we ordered" was not FAKE ppl...there's lots of good-looking ppl out there”, I cant agree with this, because how will the media choose the “good looking ppl”? We choose them, and what we choose doesn’t even exist. Beauty evolves until we accept Photoshoped pictures to become our beauty, and it will probably evolve to more extreme measures. Plastic surgery and eating disorders are just the beginning.

We can’t exactly blame media for how they portray beauty. And the stereotype cant be undone. The stereotype of a skinny, tall, clear complexioned girl is “beautiful” and has been for so many years. If the media didn’t show these “beautiful” and airbrushed women on TV or in billboards or in magazines do you honestly believe we would by the product their selling? I don’t think so. The portrayal of beauty is a fantasy. This fantasy is what people want, they don’t want reality. People want to buy the airbrushed photograph.

I do believe in the dove self-esteem fund, it is so great they are doing this, maybe in many years we can undo the stereotype of beauty, and make people understand everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, at least I hope so.

“Because every girl deserves to feel good about herself”

Brandon said...

Javariyya makes a good point. It's true. A long time ago people could actually "attain" those standards. Now, because of high-tech image manipulation it's not possible. I'm not sure if it's worse than what it was hundreds of years ago, but it's still pretty bad. That device sounds very painful, but people do some crazy things today too like plastic surgery. It's too bad that people can't learn to accept themselves for who they really are.

kelsey =] said...

Tanja made a really good point about how trying to look "beautiful" is nothing new. And that it isn't just the media influencing us to be that way and that we are also to blame. And Javarriya also makes a good point because back then women could actually attain the beauty they wanted but now because of airbrushing and all this beauty is unattainable. And about getting plastic surgery, yeah it could make someone feel better about themeselves but I personally think that if someone thinks they need plastic surgery to look beautiful then they have pretty low self esteem. Beauty should be all real not fake.

Nickie said...

I agree with Javariyya, these women who are trying to look 'beautiful' like the photoshopped women is unattainable, which means women should be trying to have an attainable beauty. I think these photoshopped women are really underfed and way too skinny. I also dont think women should all look the same, in the sense that they shouldn't all look like the magazine women. If more women actually liked what they had, more women would be seen as beautiful. I also think shows like Vanity Insanity are influensing women to change, because a woman may see another woman who looks like herself on Vanity Insanity, and think that she would need work too, because this other woman is getting work done. This is something I feel women should be looking down on, because it's NOT how all women are. On the other hand, there are shows like 'How to look good naked', where women are praised and shown that what they have IS beautiful, and that they should feel proud about themselves. I totally agree with this, and I think women should not need plastic surgury or lip injections or any of those other monstrosities.


jessica12312 said...

You know, I understand what people mean when they say women shouldn't have to resort to plastic surgery to feel beautiful. But you know, I believe that if it could eally make someone happy and feel better about themselves, i say go for it. It's almost amazing how a few glitches and tweeks can completly change someones self esteem. Sometimes the way you look can really affect you, and i have a personal relation to a situation like this. Someone I know (who's name i wont mention) had an accident as a child that altered the appearence of their facial features. They were continuously and cruelly teased as a child, avoid public event, disliked their picture being taken and it affected their self esteem as they grew. Even at an older age they have never fully accepted their appearence and to this day they are extremly sensitive and self concious. He/she now aims towards getting plastic surgery to relieve themselves of this burden that no one really understood.

I say, if it will bring someone happiness, and they could never truely be happy with their appearence, and the oppritunity to change the root of their unhappiness is available, why take that chance away from them?

briar. said...

to jessica, i think its horrible how someone could tease that person because of somehting he/she had no control over. its fortunate that he/she has a chnace to feel better and boost he shes self-esteem. but i dont agree with plastic surgery when its someone, who just does it because well i want lipo suction because the media says being skinny is beautiful. i just dont agree with it.

my friend constantly tells me to get the rhianna hair cut. my friend wants me to get it because all the celebs have it and it looks good. hmmmmm deffinatley not getting the cut. i dont want to look like rhianna or someone else, because the media says you will be pretty if you get this hair cutt or these clothes...

i wish people, and the media could show everyone is beautiful. or that who cares what other people think! like if you feel good about yourself what should the things others say matter.

Harinder said...

I think whatever makes girls feel good and comfortable is inner-beauty. Celebrities are supposed to represent the outer self. However, people misunderstand that. People think that what they see on TV and magazines is what they need to be in order to make people think they are “hot” and also to fit in. This can cause problems with friends and family. The one issue teens need to understand is that the people that are on TV and magazines probably don’t look like that when they are at home and no ones around.
Money is a big influence on lives of celebrities and teenagers. If an individual has money, they will most probably spend it on their image, such as clothes, make up and accessories. I think the Dove campaign is doing the right thing. The world needs to realize that true beauty is on the inside not the outside.

Here is a site of celebrities with out make up! WOW

Interesting link:

Another Interesting link:

briar. said...

to nikkies comment "I think these photoshopped women are really underfed and way too skinny" i think soon people are going to discriminate against skinnier girls. i used to be made fun of to, and constantly asked if i was anorexic when i was younger, no one is too fat or too skinny. people are what they are.

MICO said...

Looks play a major role in today’s society. Most relationships are based on looks first then personality. It’s the looks that attract the person that provides a chance for future interaction. A lot of products and procedures go along way to provide beauty. Many people spend significant money for beauty and plastic surgery. People have a tendency to feel accepted; in today’s society beauty is greatly credited. People have more acceptance and tolerance for good looking people then others. They relate emotional feelings to looks which is easy to do. A person thinks he or she will not be attracted to a person not in their beauty view because they don’t see the same. In grade 11 anthropology, the text book said that society feels people with beauty are more capable or are expected to be more capable then “normal” people. The theory has no practical scientific proof. But maybe it just stated that those people have a bigger advantage. When an advantage is acquired then you are not like the rest which is practically why most good looking people are conceded. Having this advantage in life of getting what they want all the time, provides a feeling of control and power. I agree with kayce , its whats on the inside too but some people fail to realize that. Everyone has a different opinion some people don't care about the inside and just are there for looks but theres people that care about personality too. I think its wrong to judge on looks instead of personality because he or she might be your friend one day no matter how they look like. Is it worth losing a potential friend on just how they look?


Many people have always had the dream of looking like a glamorous charm. But, something people do not realize is that every individual is written with a different future, only some individuals are blessed from god with certain looks. That means that certain individuals have been blessed with different abilities, for example this one being good looks. Many people in today’s society look at themselves to look beyond something that cannot be reality. Certain individuals find various routes to make themselves look like something that is not intended to be. For example, many individuals use alternative routes to make themselves look like something they do not claim to be. Certain pictures used by the modeling world are not very efficient as they lead youth female audiences to monitor their body shapes in a negative manner. This makes other females do inappropriate things to make themselves appear in a way which could lead them to eating disorders at a very infant age.


I totally agree with sonya, as she has stated that many girls in today’s society are willing to fall to any extent to make themselves look like something they really are not. Today’s century has made girls believe themselves to look like something they are not able to look like naturally. Also the use of physical characteristic materials which are not necessary for the human body, but used to make the human body to look different.